Internetworking Security

Trying to provide end users with reliable information while securing the network perimeter can be challenging. versaligns’ Internetworking Security Practice maintains state of the art expertise to address our clients’ security needs.

The process begins with Exclusion where versalign designs a solution for our customers that prevents access to corporate information and resources.

The next step in the process, Inclusion, prevents corporate personnel from utilizing company services to perform non- productive functions; such as, unauthorized web browsing and accessing restricted sites and information.

Additionally, with Intrusion Detection, our clients can positively identify attacks, take action and prevent future unwanted intrusions.

Lastly, Secure Authentication provides our clients with a mechanism that allows local and remote personnel to access corporate information services in a secure manner.

Maximize your investments in communication services by controlling how information is transmitted by prioritization. Assigning priority to business critical over less important Internet traffic will enhance quality of service.